Rude Kid talks with Nina Rose on ‘The Sound of Rum Crew’

I’m sure you have all seen the adverts all over your socials, Bacardi Sound of Rum is travelling nationally with a group of big hitters in the music scene right now. We were lucky enough to chat with Rude Kid, the man behind the biggest Grime tunes to have ever come out! Here’s how his talk with Nina went.

Nina: So, you’re one of THE biggest Grime producers in the UK, you’re a triple threat, a producer, a DJ and a radio presenter.

Rude Kid: Thank you.

Nina: First thing is first, how does it feel to be part of ‘The Sound of Rum Crew’ which must have been an amazing opportunity?

Rude Kid: Yeah, it’s amazing man, when they first approached me with the idea, I loved it. I wanted to be a part of it and I like it when brands put together different types of people and experiment, and they’re not playing safe. They’ve got different types of people in one, they’re putting on an amazing show and I love it. I’m really proud to be part of it.

Nina: Yeah, it’s special and something exciting. You’ve got the old school crew like yourself and then the newbies like One Acen.

Rude Kid: Exactly. You’ve even got Donaeo which is past me. Then you’ve got me and P Money which is basically the same era in music. Then you’ve got the newbies, the comedian, Harry Pinero and Yinka (Bokinni) ‘bad boy presenter’. Siobhan (Bell) sick DJ!

Nina: Yeah, it’s young, it’s fresh, it’s needed!

Rude Kid: Yeah! Everyone that has popped in their field is part of the crew. It should be sick, can’t wait.

Nina: The music scene is going through a major transition right now in terms of respect for the sound and getting the support for UK Music. For a while, we’ve been stuck on America and now we are back to us. In fact, let’s get into a little bit about you because you’ve been doing quite a lot recently, you had a song out with Bonkaz, you’ve been doing Kisstory, lots have been going on for you this summer. Can we expect anything exclusive from you coming up?

Rude Kid: Do you know what? I’ve been in the studio with people I don’t really get into the studio with. I might be known for making Grime music but, I make all types of music and listen to all types of music. When I DJ, I don’t just play Grime Music, I play everything. So recently I’ve been making different sounds. saying that, all I really want to do is release music. I want to do an instrumental EP, people have been begging for the One Take remix.

Nina: Yeah, exactly! That’s absolute powers, that’s what I know you best for in terms of your collab with Ghetts.

Rude Kid: yeah, people have been wanting those kind of tunes there. Really, I weren’t going to release anything before but then I had a change of heart and thought, the people want it. Let’s just give it to them. There’s no point holding music hostage. All I want to do is release music from now to the end of the year. Get ready for the New Year.

Nina: sounds awesome! Sounds productive, it’s consistency! It’s what keeps you relevant!

Rude Kid: Yeah, in this field, you have to be! If you’re not productive, nothing is gonna happen. Being productive is the key.

Nina: That’s an awesome gem that a lot of us need to hold on to. So out of the many things you do, is making/ producing music your most favourite to do?

Rude Kid: I love making music, man, All I really focus on is the music, the production, what they done with the beat. Making beats was the first thing I wanted to do but I also love DJ’ing. I put 100% on both. It’s not a 50/50 thing. I practice DJ’ing still when I’m at home and producing I make beats and sometimes delete things but when I see potential in a drum pattern, I’ll save it and see what else I can do with it. So with DJ’ing and production, I love doing both really.

Nina: you can hear the passion really when you talk about it! Ok, so, if you had your ideal collaboration, someone to work with in music. who would it be? from anywhere?

Rude Kid: I say this all the time, but Drake. I really want to see what I can do with him. thats the one person I’d really like to work with. I’ve seen him like mine and Bonkaz vid on Bonkaz’ instagram. To be honest, there’s loads of people I want to work with. As long as they’re sick, talented.

Nina: Finally for the Bacardi ‘Sound of Rum Crew’ Tour, what can we expect and look forward to? What can we expect from you?

Rude Kid: I’m just gonna smash it as I do. I’m gonna treat this like I do, every show I do and put in 100%. Whether it’s 1 person, 1,000 or 10,000. I’m gonna play everything, make sure that everyone is dancing and vibes’ing. I’m gonna bring the vibes!


NEXT UP is the Glasgow show! Info below!

GLASGOW 19th September (SWG3): One Acen (live), Donae’o (live), P Money (live), Br3nya (live), Rude Kid (DJ set), Siobhan Bell (DJ set), Harry Pinero (MC). Tickets here.

LEEDS 28th September (Future Mills In association with Lord of the Tings): One Acen (live), Donae’o (live), P Money (live), Br3nya (live), Rude Kid (DJ set), Yinka (DJ set), Siobhan Bell (DJ set), Harry Pinero (MC). Tickets here.