Novelist’s debut album makes Mercury Prize shortlist

Grime albums have been dominant for the past two years at the Mercury Prize awards, with the likes of Skepta and Kano taking the limelight. This year, it’s the turn of Novelist who’s been shortlisted for Best Album with ‘Novelist Guy’.

The entirely self-produced debut album earnt rave reviews when it dropped earlier this year and more so because of the political presence it endures – ‘Stop Killing Killing The Mandem’ is no doubt at the forefront as one of the standout tracks.

As is ‘Afro Pick’, where Nov reflects on inner-city life rejecting violence and spreads positivity throughout. The bedroom-crafted project also pays homage to the pirate radio scene which unearthed the grime scene as we know it today and welcomed Nov with open arms.

Other nominees include: Jorja Smith, Arctic Monkeys and Everything Everything – Full list here.

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