Manchester MC Fiasco Takes on Ford GoFaster Stunt Driving Course

We brought Manchester grime artist F1ascoo and car Youtube blog LivingLifeFast to try out the Ford GoFaster experience and talk about his music – the full video will be coming soon and his current EP True Stories is available on Spotify and other digital platforms

GoFaster is a unique experience designed by Ford UK to let anyone with a full driving licence get behind the wheel of a selection of the most powerful cars they have on sale.

The link between cars and Grime was sealed when Meridian Dan dropped German Whip, and the hype of Grime makes the genre a perfect soundtrack for high octane driving.

So when we received an invite from Ford UK for the GoFaster experience we jumped at the chance to check it out.

Visitors are transported to a Fast and The Furious style movie set with real actors playing roles of director, production assistant and stunt co ordinator and over the course of the day there was a constant soundtrack of burning rubber which added to the overall feel and experience.

Over three hours people can expect to be shown how to corner at high speed, do J turns and drift before they take on a full stunt course while being filmed. This is then auto edited into a personal movie trailer you are sent after the email to share with your friends.

Visitors are able to drive the Ford Focus RS, Mustang v8 5.0 litre and Fiesta ST.

The Focus RS is the perfect balance of agility and power and the built in drift mode lets the driver perform some serious drifts.

Ford Focus RS

The V8 Mustang is raw power – hitting the throttle just lets you throw the car around the cone slalom course with ease. With the sun shining and the top down we were fully exposed to the engines roar and smoke from the spinning tyres.

5.0 litre V8 Mustang

The Fiesta is the car for the committed driver. It has lower power but is far lighter – in the right hands can provide just as much, if not more fun than it’s bigger brothers.

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If you are near Manchester and love fast cars and thrills then make sure you visit Ford GoFaster before the event finishes. The stunt drivers are helpful and hands off, encouraging drivers to push the cars to the limit, and the experience is well organised.

MC Fiasco thoughts on the day – “It wasn’t what I expected – i just thought I would be test driving the cars, but instead we were taken to a movie set which blew me away. It was good getting to do all the different stunts including the j-turn, drifting and the stunt course.”

They also have a good canteen, however it’s probably better not to eat or drink before you get in the cars. The stunts are pretty mad and you will be thrown about.

All visitors need to be over 18 and have a full UK driving licence to drive the cars.

The event runs from July 29th until July 8th

Tickets can be purchased here

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