Keep Hush crash Nandos in Manchester with Capo Lee, Jackdat, Arma, Logan and More

Keep Hush are a members only music curation and culture platform, specialising in grime, DNB, house and all other forms of electronic music.

Their latest project is 100% Heat, a mixtape of tracks from members of the Keep Hush community.

This was done in collaboration with Nandos Music, and tracks for the mixtape were recorded at the Nandos studio in their London Soho branch.

To celebrate the launch of the album three invite only events were held in Nandos branches in London, Bristol and Manchester. We were lucky enough to get access to the Manchester event.

The massive queue outside let us know we were in the right place (there must be about 10 Nandos in Manchester alone), but it went down quickly.

People who weren’t lucky enough to get a place could still join in the fun at home via a live stream.

Once inside ravers were shown to the downstairs floor, which had been taken over by Keep It Hush. The lights were dim except for the DJ area which was lit up in Keep Hush green, creating the perfect vibe for a night of mayhem.

The party started off slow, with performances from some of the hip hop artists featured on the mixtape – which was good as most of the crowd were taking advantage of the free chicken and beer.

After the first hour things switched up a gear. There were some sick DJ sets, with some mixes and mashups getting a mad response from the crowd, and a couple more PAs.

Finally Capo Lee made his entrance, backed by DJ Jack Dat. Predictably it was a madness. His tracks, “Mud” and “Mula” got plenty of reloads from the crowd he then kicked off a grime set, going back to back some of the other MCs.


The vibe and energy was like the old skool sets of legend, in crowded pirate radio studios or youth centres but just as everyone was getting into the vibe the lights came on – and we had hit curfew and people began to drift out into the mid summer night.

We had good music, good food and good drinks – what more could you want. Big up Keep Hush and Nandos.

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