Interview: Skatta & Y-Etizm discuss their new Flavourz EP grime project

Skatta and Y-Etizm are a MC and producer pairing based in Coventry and London, respectively. Having met at a BBC music conference late last year, the two of them hit it off quickly and began work on a collaborative EP. Flavourz, which is 6 tracks long dropped recently. We spoke to the two of them about how they built the album, the learning process and more!

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Stream the project via Bandcamp here or via Spotify and Apple Music

Flavourz by Y-ETizm & Skatta
1) Tell me about the overall motivation behind Flavourz – what did you hope to tell your fans about yourself with it?

Skatta I get told a lot that I have talent but with this record I really wanted prove I have bars and flows.  Bars with meaning and depth talking about daily struggles and being hungry whilst still being inspired to do better with my life. This record means a lot to me, on a personal level… The beats actually explain my mood at the time as I was going through a lot of stuff whilst writing ‘Flavourz’.

Y-Etizm To be honest with you, there was no real concept for the EP. We shared the passion for grime, I had the beats, he had the bars and we just made it work. Flavourz is our statement! Here we come like a storm to take over the game, and soon it will be obvious who is the hardest working DUO here.

2) how long did the whole project take to write and record – did it take longer than expected?

Skatta It was all just an idea back in December it wasn’t til the end of January we started putting Flavourz into action by May we had a fully polished package

Y-Etizm It took about 3-4 month if I remember right. We met in November last year than we had the first real session in February or March and the EP was ready by May. I personally had no expectations about finish date, I wasn’t even thinking like that. We just did what felt right.

3) Did you have the short length of tracks format in mind before hand or did it just turn out that way?

Skatta – Yes I’ve made a lot of lengthy music in the passed so I wanted to keep the songs short and sweet but still pack the same content the 3/4 mins track I feel like 4/5 mins track don’t get listened to the whole way through like they used to… music has changed the industry is moving at a fast pace now

Y-Etizm To be honest, the short format comes with the 140BPM, in my opinion. The BPM is double so 16 bars is half the time. And also the attention span is getting shorter and shorter as the way people consume music changes. So we thought to keep it short and sweet, 2 verse is enough for each tune.

4) What do you think you learnt from each other though out the process

Skatta – I learnt that we both work super hard, sleepless nights mad long coach and train journeys missing tubes and buses to make beats write record practise I’ve learnt that we have different strengths an that’s what makes it work me as an artist and yetizm as a producer it but not only Producer but live MPC finger drummer were not shook to take chances an get stuck in we’re motivated and inspired and ready for what’s being thrown at us I can always rely on yetizm to get the job done an same with me we make it happen

Y-Etizm A LOT! I don’t even know where to start. I personally learnt a lot about working with an MC, we all know how temperamental they are…. Haha. I am just playing. We learnt a lot about the industry, how to get to people etc., what is the work that needs to be put in for a release and now we know what we need to do differently next time!

5) if you make a sequel to the project, what do you have in mind?

Skatta – I know yetizm has the ideas in terms of the beats but I can already tell it’s gonna be a madness

Y-Etizm – We already started working on the new project as soon as “Flavourz” was finished. We got a few beats ready, bars are in the making and we have the plan in place. This next one will be made with a very different approach both beats and barz. Watch out for it!!!

6) Were all the beats made using finger drumming techniques and what are the benefits of using this method??

Y-Etizm  Some beats were made by tapping the groove live on the pads. Not all the tunes tho. All the best beats I made were a mistake, if you know what I mean. I was just vibing on the pads and when I wanted to record the groove, I was playing it like off-beat and when I listened back to the recording I found that it should just stay like that. So yeah, live drumming is the way forward!

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