INTERVIEW: Big Zuu on his Upcoming Headline Show and Meeting Fans for Nando’s ‘Meet and Feast’ Competition

Grime artist and AJ Tracey’s cousin, Big Zuu, will be celebrating his headline show at Nando’s Notting Hill branch where he will enjoy some PERi-PERi chicken with 15 lucky fans for the Nando’s ‘Meet & Feast’ competition.  

UKGRIME caught up with the West London rapper, who has been making major waves in the UK music scene of late with his meaningful music and keeping grime’s legacy alive. He recently dropped his latest track ‘No Breaks’, which was hugely well received.

We spoke to Big Zuu about his upcoming headline show at Islington O2 Academy next month, his forthcoming mixtape, and meeting fans for a munch at Nando’s.

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Firstly, congratulations on your headline show at Islington O2 Academy next month – bet you’re buzzing!

Thank you, I am super gassed.

What can the fans expect from the show? What special guests can we expect to see?

I can’t really say too much but it’s gonna be mad energy. I will announce the support acts soon, but yeah, it’s just gonna be pure vibes and pure energy. But you already know that if you’ve ever been to one of my shows.

When did you first start getting into music?

I’ve always loved music as a yout. I started rapping when I was at college.

Who inspired you musically growing up?

I was lucky enough to be around during them times when Grime was still evolving. I was inspired by all the original Grime artists, from your Skeptas and ur D Doubles. But I listen to all music, even the odd RnB or pop track. I am inspired by American stuff as well, like Tupac.

We hear you’re dropping a full-length mixtape on October 19. How is that going to compare to your ‘Hold Dat’ EP?

The EP was more to just get something out there for the fans but this is a proper project. This is what I’ve been working on for a couple months. I want to take my music to the next level. I’ve worked really hard on it, it’s crazy. I can’t wait for people to hear it.

Your music seems to revolve around sending out a strong message and you seem like someone that wants to make a positive change for London and the UK – How are you going to keep doing that?

Keep making what I’m making, keep moving correct – not let things get to my head. I’m very mindful of my impact on people that support me and what people get out of my music.

What were you doing or would you be doing career-wise if you didn’t get your chance at music?

I wanted to be a youth worker. I always wanted to work with young people before music.

That makes sense, given your passionate music style which is often about the people…

Yeah definitely. I have to stay to true to myself.

What else can we expect to see from you in the future?

More bangers, more content, more music, more vibes. I’m at a good place in my music career right now. I have come in at the right time where UK music is doing a lot at the moment. I just want to keep taking it to the next level.

Top 5 artists at the moment?

Ooh, that’s a hard one – to think of a top FIVE.

OK, I’m f****ng with M Huncho, Travis Scott, Kojo Funds is sick, and the Grime artist – Eyez.

Top 5 artists of all time?

It has to be Tupac. Nas, Eminem, Rick Ross (‘The Boss”), and I can’t lie I love J Cole.

Are you looking forward to the Nando’s ‘Meet & Feast’?

100%. Everyone I have spoken to is super gassed for it! I’m looking forward to being able to interact with my fans.

So there’s going to be 15 winners for the ‘Meet & Feast’ competition – You’re going to have to make your way through a lot of PERi-PERi chicken! Are you prepared for that?!

I love Nando’s, I eat a lot of Nando’s, so I’m ready to have a good munch. And the Nando’s family love me! It will be good to meet my fans that are coming to my headline so they get an idea about me before my show – gas them up more for it! I just think about what I would want from an artist as a fan, I hope they appreciate it. I’m super gassed for it.

What are you going to do about any awkward silences? – There might be some nervous/starstruck fans!

I hate awkward silences! I’m quite a talkative person so if I can sense an awkward silence I will just lock it off and just talk about anything… like “mmmm the food is nice init!”

Have you ever had a really bad date?

You know what I can’t lie, I’m not a very datey kind of guy. I’ve had an awkward first kiss before.. I got bare excited, thought this was my moment!

What’s your typical Nando’s meal that you would order?

Butterfly burger – hot – with halloumi in it, PERi chips, corn on the cob with a lemonade please… Thank you, that’s table 29 please!


The Nando’s ‘Meet & Greet’ event will be taking place tomorrow (September 11) at the newly refurbished, Notting Hill branch from 4.00pm until 6.00pm.

To purchase tickets for Big Zuu’s headline show at the Islington O2 Academy, taking place on October 25, click the link below:








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