Dirty Danger captures the essence of grime and rap on ‘Only For The Real’ album

Dirty Danger is back with a new album ‘Only For The Real’ and it’s sounding big!

The grime veteran is very much a voice for the streets with this project, outlining youth culture in and around London and looking back on his time growing up in the big smoke.

This latest offering includes multiple sounds of rap and grime which totals a very professional rap masterpiece. The grime tracks are reminiscent of its original sound and by switching up multiple genres, Danger is able to perfect diverse flows on a broad spectrum of beats.

Also paying tribute to his faith, Danger is also able to deliver soulful melodies on tracks such as Destiny and Jesus Christ. A stand out track though has to be ‘Time Out’, which definitely sets the tone for the rest of the project. The hip-hop influenced track is an instant hit and it’s only a matter of time before it gets the plaudits it deserves.

The former Ruff Sqwad member will always be a part of grime history and he certainly reminds us he’s still relevant with this project. It’s no doubt one that we will look back on in five or so years and think ‘that was a huge milestone’, not just for himself but for the UK scene as a whole.

The album includes singles ‘Run’, ‘So Real’ and grime anthem ‘Badman’ featuring D Double E, Frisco and Roachee.

You can listen to it in full via Spotify below:

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