WATCH: The Dot Rotten Vs. P Money Beef Continues

Just three days ago P Money served up a new chapter to add to the on going diss tracks between him and Dot Rotten titled: ‘Liar In The Booth’. Lets just say the shot of a ‘Danger sign’ at the start of the video is necessary for what follows, in just 5 minutes and 33 seconds P Money manages to deliver hit after hit at Dot Rotten coming not only for his status as a Grime star but also his love life, dropping all types of allegations about infidelities within the Grime scene. P Money literally took the ‘fire’ out of Dot Rotten’s Fire in the Booth – replaced it with ‘Liar’, then shot that fire straight back at Rotten with so much force that even I felt scolded. This track is hot and promises no end to the feud as P Money spits “I got more to say on Snake EP 2”, so hold tight for that.

Even on the Lord’s day the feud could not rest as Sunday morning saw Dot Rotten send back for P Money in the track ‘Real Talk’, and it’s deep. Rotten goes hard on this one, less of the playground disses and more of a straight shot at P Money, for a start it’s 3 minutes over ‘Liar In The Booth’ standing at 8 minutes 46 seconds and he’s sending in all different directions; there’s domestic abuse claims, drinking allegations and Dot Rotten even claims without him P Money wouldn’t have a career as he got him into OGz! Ouch. As a side note I found it interesting that both artist wore a Nike Tech tracksuit in each diss video highlighting their likeness that once joined them and makes them both first class MC’s that have created a quality clash.

The end isn’t yet nigh so stay locked into UKGrime for the latest.


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