Track Review Tash – “Money Talk”

“Money Talk” is the new track and debut video, from Up-and-coming MC Tash. It’s a heavy yet melodic track with an absolutely sick beat and Tash’s silky, hypnotic vocals! Lets start with the beat, the track is driven by a smooth, tinkling piano melody that gives the song a touch of elegance which is contrasted heavily with the skitttering percussion and rattling bass that accompanies it. It’s funny because on the surface you’d be easily mistaken that the beat is quite subtle and understated but, upon closer listening, this is very decieving. The percussion is sharp and punchy, contrasting with the smoothness of the piano and when the bass hits believe me it’s heavy. It works very well however and compliments Tash’s vocal performance perfectly. Speaking of which, vocals wise Tash’s flow naturally lends itself to wordplay: “All day everyday I’ve been hittin cells / Even tho I’ve got keys my names been ringin bells / I was in the trap, he was with his girl / that’s a thousand grams on the digi scale / the man like talk, the like little girls / get my young g round just to give em shells”. The delivery is calm and considered, adding extra weight to punchlines and makes rhymes appear effortless. It’s the chorus however that really stands out for me on this track, it’s ridiculuously catchy yet at the same time features slick wordplay: “That’s funny talk / See them in the streets, what they running for / them man don’t really want fucking war / I don’t say shit tho’ ‘cos money talk”. I must admit this song took me by surprise and after a few listens I had the chorus stuck in my head!

I always love discovering new artists and Tash is definitely one i’ll be keeping an eye on!

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Posted By : Jay Makenji

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