Back With A Bang: The Den Event Returns

After a shut down event in 2016, The Den returned this year with a knockout line up, predominantly showcasing UK Grime and Rap.

With UK talent on rise more than ever, there has never been a better time than now to unite and support what is apart of UK culture. The distinctive sounds of Garage and Grime have helped to shape the music scene, as we know it today and have helped to pave the way for many of the artists we listen to on heavy rotation. It feels even better to know that huge artists such as Drake are also great supporters and fans of what was once considered niche. With events and continuous backing, there is no reason why UK’s flourishing talent should not be recognized on higher levels. Events like The Den help to promote this.

Stand out performances on the night for me were Shaqydread, Killa P and Frisco featuring special guests.

As soon as Killa P touched the stage, levels turned up. Each track was filled with endless bars and laced with heavy Patois. It’s no wonder his set caused a raucous, hyping up the crowd with his ever-lasting energy. Killa P hails from South London and was a former Roll Deep member. His distinctive voice brings lyrics to life and endeavored to present a message to the youths that night, pleading to stop the violence. This was a fantastic way to engage with the audience as a respected artist who has been around for a long time. Killa P will be performing throughout the year all across the UK. Be sure to get to one of his shows to check him out.

Shaqydread is a young guy, always representing Tottenham and the “Lanes” as he so frequently mentions in his songs. Both a singer and rapper, Shaqy has been turning heads as of late, clocking up 30k views for his BlackBox on Youtube within a month as well as receiving support from DJ Kenny Allstar. Shaqy oozes energy and swag when he performs and knows how to work a crowd, especially with his one-footed skank. His drill inspired music resonates amongst the generation of today. His set at The Den was fully charged, there’s no denying that the year ahead will be momentous for him.

One of East London’s finest, Kojo Funds also blessed the stage. He is known for his signature style and intro ad-libs, redefining music genre boundaries and always creating his own musical concoctions. Ranging from Grime to RnB, his talent is endless, consistently creating bangers appreciated by both males and females. 2017 looks like it will be a promising year for the young man.

Frisco aka Big Fris, supported by Maximum was amazing. It’s only fair that we take the time out congratulate him for helping to organize such an epic event, inspiring and encouraging UK talent whilst uniting them together on one stage.

Frisco shut down his set at The Den with multiple wheel-ups and invited Smila, Shaqydread and Mez on stage to perform with him. Playing classic BBK tunes to some of his more recent tracks, this was the night that the word “shelling” found it’s true meaning. Nostalgic and representative of an era and culture, it was fantastic to see such a responsive crowd, filling in for every bar.

Anyone who has listened to Smila’s music already knows his lyrics, wordplay and metaphors are serious. Seeing him perform live again was great and look forward to seeing what he does this year.

Mez, unknown to a few and some have only seen him spit bars on different YouTube platforms. Impressed doesn’t even begin to describe our collective reaction. Mez has that old school grime output, where his energy is at the highest, attacking every lyric and intends for the crowd to climax with him.

The Den is a prolific event, which I predict will create history for as long as it continues. The team and support, right through to the selection of artists were brilliant, ensuring everyone had a great time. If you haven’t been to one of these events, I would highly recommend going.

Watch some of the artists in action below!




Held monthly, make sure you check out, https://www.thedenevent.co.uk for more details.



Posted By : rianne Lewis

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