READ: Tempa T reignites classic collab with ‘Nothing Like That’

Who can forget the classic release of “CD is Dead” by Jme and Tempa T. Once a big name in the scene Tempz disappeared for a while but with a string of releases recently its safe to say hes back and this new collaboration with Jme, ‘Nothing Like That’ could be set to return him to that big name status.

For me CD is Dead was a classic and was only improved by Mason London’s 1979 Edit which gives a whole new funky feel and visuals. With a helping hand from some Skepta vocals the edit reinvents the track and creates whole new genre which I’d love to here more of. Akin to Kwollem’s mellow grime it’s nice to see Grime vocals transposed into other genres of instrumentals to create a piece of music with a completely different feel to it.

This release is one of many as the “ft. Jme” trend kicks back into full flow. With the recent Blay Vision track “Gone Mad” currently being my release of the year, and also featuring the Adenuga brother, who knows what flow and bars Jme is going to bring our for this one.

Although we only have  a name and cover art so far we’re already excited to here “Nothing Like That”. You can expect to hear the aggression and energy of the gym king Tempa T juxtaposed by the flow master Jme, With an interesting cover art, which depicts Tempa T and Jme as particularly “interesting” looking charactertures, as Tempa T’s profile picture it doesn’t look like this going to be a throwaway release.

Posted By : Nayf

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