Rude Kid and Yxng Bane shut down the Nando’s Music Exchange launch party

Now the Beast from The East is firmly behind us what better way to get rid of the winter chill than a night of good music, unlimited peri-peri chicken and drinks?

Yesterday was an official launch for Nandos Music Exchange a project where up coming artists from around the world are mentored by professional artitsts and link up to create new and exciting sounds. Previous mentors included Ella Eyre and Stormzy. As part of the lead up to the main event in June they have set up a recording studio at their Soho Frith Street branch. The studio is available for aspiring artists and is totally free of charge. (Might have to buy your own Nandos tho). They also have an in-house engineer to make sure your session sounds crisp!

There was a massive buzz when the studio was first announced, so we were excited to see the studio in person. Its a small, but comfortable space. The studio could fit 5 people the main area. We were shown around the studio – and the engineer gave us a full rundown of the equipment. Its all state of the art and high end, they didn’t skimp on anything!

The vocal booth is quite small with space for just about 2 people but again its well equipped. Overall its perfect for an artist recording their first demo or EP.

One thing that really impressed was the sound proofing. Outside in the main eating
area there was a full party going on with loud speakers, DJ etc and once both the doors were closed you couldn’t hear a thing. Its safe to say no one outside the studio is going to hear your next banger so you can be as loud as you want.

Anyway going back to the party – surprise guest was Yxng Bane – a guy who seems to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time! He went through all his hits which got a great reaction from the crowd. Following up was RudeKid, who did a killer DJ set with the latest UK Rap and Grime bangers as well as classic UKG.

Yxng Bane performed all his hits
YxngBane performed all his hits

In all it was a good night – and we are excited to hear what new upcoming artists will create in this unique space.

To apply to use the studio you can click here and follow @NandosUK for the latest updates.

Posted By : UKGrime Team

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