Who is Reece West? Meet North London’s Grime mogul

*YAWN*… to all those saying ‘Grime is dead’. A response to such gibberish can only consist of two words… ‘REECE WEST’.

Meet North London’s grime emperor ready to take over the world with his competitive and proficient sound.

By being 2018’s most exciting grime MC about, I had the pleasure of exploring the mind of the success-hungry 25 year old who – if he isn’t already, should be blasting from your rooftops. Check the interview below.


“I’m just warming up this year, hang tight and put your seat belt on!”

-Reece West
Growing up in North London, a location where grime was heavily influenced, what inspired you to become a MC?
North London had a lot of inspiration around me – chipmunk went school near me, channel U was popping off, Tottenham (boy better know and meridian estate) all inspired me to write my 1st lyrics and be the Artist I am today.
Good old clashes between emcee’s are promintent within the grime scene, first Saint P, then Micofcourse. Is there anyone else we need to know about who could be a next culprit?
I’m a competitive person and I’m passionate about my craft – I’m focusing on me and my music but if anyone steps in the way or messing around with my vision then ukno the rest.. haha
Clashes aside, lets dicuss ‘walk on water’, what did you intend to get across through these cinematic visuals in Barcelona?
I wrote walk on water on my way out to Barcelona to do a booking and ended up dropping my bag and going to the studio out there as soon as I touched down. Shot the video the next Day and the rest is history! I direct all my videos
Is this one of many explorative & adventurous visuals that we can expect to see from you?
For sure get used to me directing movies and hang tight for the next one.. rumour has is I just got back from Istanbul turkey
How does it feel to have many platforms like Complex, RWD & BBC 1 Xtra supporting you across the spectrum of radio and online?
It’s very humbling as I grew up reading, watching and following all these platforms. I’m glad to be apart of the history
By having this support, do you feel as if this is an advantage to the exposure of your music? 
Yeah it all helps get your music seen and exposed to the right people.
Being proficient in what you do & your ability to spit on any flow, you were recently compared to D Double E, how was that for a comparison? 
D double e is the best grime MC ever… I can only be humbled and inspire me to keep doing what I do and not give up.
What do you think your biggest achievement as of 2018 is and can we expect more?
I’m just warming up this year, hang tight and put your seat belt on 🙂

Posted By : Amal AlTauqi

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