President T releases the highly-anticipated ‘Stranger Returns’

This album has probably had one of the longest waiting periods for any project that has ever been announced prior to release. However, the anticipation and excitement definitely didn’t wear off and we’re more than excited to say that President T’s 3rd studio album, ‘Stranger Returns’ is finally here.

‘Stranger Returns’ is made up of an impressive 12 tracks and features two of the biggest, and most well respected names in the grime scene. The project as a whole has been blessed by many valued producers in the scene, including Rude Kid, Jason Adenuga and Sir Spyro giving us as listeners some sick beats which are going to enlighten our senses.

Whilst it would have been easy enough for Prez T to play it safe and lay down bars over some basic beats with his already distinctive voice, he certainly hasn’t done so. With originality to the beats, production, bars and of course his very unique voice; this album could only be described as a grime classic.

Speaking of the album, President T explains,

“This will set the new dynamics for the direction Grime’s about to be taken. I’m keeping it 100 with my supporters, it’s long awaited, I’ve waited to make sure it’s right and now’s the time!”

From beginning to end, the twelve-track project takes us back to the original grime sound, just like what we would have heard back when Meridian Crew was founded.

Buy and stream the album here.

Posted By : UKGrime

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