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What if you were told you could use a state of the art studio 24 hours a day from less than the price of a couple of drinks?

Well thats what Pirate Studios offer. If you are a Dj, Producer or performing artist in the UK you finally have the option of booking a dedicated space to perfect your craft. This sounded too good to be true so we went down to their newest studio in Notting Hill to have a chat with David Borrie CEO and co-founder to find out more.

We also had a tour and checked out some of the studios. They are currently in 17 cities around the UK including the main ones London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Production Studios

Production studios are currently available in London and Bristol and have a solid setup including a HD screen, high end Yamaha monitor speakers, Midi Keyboard, condenser mic and full acoustic padding. All you need to do is bring your own laptop and you are ready to go.

Live Rehearsal Rooms

If you are a performer who does live music the rehearsal rooms come with a drum kit, amplifiers and full acoustic paneling so you can go as loud as you want with no risk of disturbing the neighbours. The rooms are different sizes so whether its just a performer and acoustic player or a full band there is room for everyone.

DJ Studios

Our personal favourite – the DJ studios come fully equipped with state of the art Pioneer Nexus CDJ 2000s and DJM 900 mixers linked to live Pioneer P.A speakers perfectly replicating a typical club setup so you can get your mixes sounding perfect. For Djs that want to keep it old school they have Pioneer turntables with Serato control vinyls with 2 channel battle mixers.

All of these can be booked 24/7 via the website for as little as 1 hour or 1 day. The live rehearsal and Dj stuidos also have the ability to record your mix or performance and make it available for the world to download. All of the studios are self service and you can even request specific pieces of equipment for your set

Musicians have always struggled to find cheap studio time that fits around their schedule, and Pirate Studios could be the answer, providing opportunities for the next generation of Grime and rap stars.

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