All hail the Queen

Put your hands together for Lady Leshurr, doing it for the females and officially my new girl crush. If you don't know yet then where the hell have you been? Get to know innit because this Brummy producer / rapper / singer is the Shit. I've got a lot of love for this lady: not

Truss mi daddeee… UK is on Shutdown.

Didn't manage to hit the beach in Ibiza this summer? Doesn't matter because despite the weather, the whole of the UK has been experiencing some serious feel good vibes with an explosion of home-grown talent throughout the festival season. No longer are festivals the sole province of the rocker, the indie kid and the emo:


Once again, Skepta has descended from grime heaven to bless the world with a Performance. Skepta performed ‘Shutdown’ at Drakes OVO fest. The 6 god opened the show performing ‘Charged Up’ and ‘Back to Back’ while his shadow loomed on

America is Shutdown

Grime is going worldwide. This time last year, no-one could have guessed that grime was going to have any impact in America. Nevertheless, Skepta has proved us all wrong and has sold out every show in his US shutdown tour. Five shows throughout the United States and Canada. From New York City to Toronto, Skepta