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Underneath an unassuming printing shop, on a normal Nottingham road lies one of our greatest musical gems – Basment Studios. Walking down the LED lit staircase there’s a sense of transcending as a host of signatures foretell the greatness within. Last week I had the pleasure of going to Basement Studios where I spoke to one of its creators and leading producer Ken Samson.

(Photography: @shellers__)

Much more than your average studio, Basement is a hub of creativity; think Fire In The Booth-esque, recording studio harbouring some of Notts best talents. It has already welcomed some of ‘The 5’s’ greatest MC’s, rap/hip-hop and R’n’B artists as well as other UK and international acts. To name but a few: Snowy, Kyeza, Kaz, Young T and Bugsey, 0115 Mob and A$AP TyY  have already graced the studio with their presence.

(Photography: @shellers__)

Opening its doors just 6 months ago, Basement was set up by Notts teens Ken, Blacko (of 0115 Mob), Adz and Umaak (of 0115 Mob) and is already thriving. To uncover the story behind the studio I spoke to producer Ken Samson (pictured below). Ken started making beats at the tender age of 14 and cited his love of music as the reason why stating,“When you’re a fan of music you want to get involved”, and this passion has clearly followed on throughout his career.

(Photography: @visualfold)

Ken’s years of involvement in music has led him to become an established producer that has strong links with many Nottingham acts. He recently produced the song ‘Drowning’ by 0115 Mob that features none other than Snowy himself. The track is said to be a spontaneous creation birthed in Basement studios, its success has led it to be covered by Complex UK (which can be read here) and listened to below.

The studio has a running feature titled Basement Live; a Fire In The Booth type series of videos that have showcased a number of grime artists since its set up just 3 months ago. Amongst them is Kaz “one of Nottingham’s finest young MC’s” and Kyeza who has been dubbed by many including Ken as “one of the most underrated MC’s”. His Basement Live is a testimony to this as he is captured spitting a madness over a M1onTheBeat instrumental.

Basement is definitely going places, Ken claimed they plan to make waves and go down a Vice/Noisey-esque direction in the future as the creative collective moves forwards. Don’t sleep on Nottingham, big things are coming soon.

Basement Studios: @Basementnotts (Twitter), @Basementstudiosnotts (Instagram)

Ken Samson: @Kensamson_ (Twitter), @Ken_Samson (Instagram)

Blogger: @rosievaccib (Twitter & Instagram)

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