Yo guys,

We’ve been going through a lot of changes here at UKGrime and over the years, we’ve focused on lots of different things and been constantly evolving. Over the next few months and into the foreseeable future we plan to bring together all the different aspects of UKGrime and refin
e them into one distinct entity.

The first step of this was the updated logo, we’d been using the old one for a while now and although it served its purpose, we feel the new one is more in line with us as a company. With the backwards play button both symbolising the wheel back culture of  Grime and the letter K in our name, we feel this sleek design is easily recognisable and brings us onto a higher level of professionalism.

The logo is not the only aesthetic change we’ve already made, the new look of our website is again something we’re really excited to fully implement. With the ability to use gifs, videos and higher quality images we will achieve a dynamic and easily navigable home page meaning our content is both clearly displayed and the posts which most interest you are easy to access.

With new daily posts, exclusive featured series and more coming to UKGrime.com expect to see everything from festival photography, event videos, interviews and spotlights on the scenes emerging talents. On the topic of emerging talents we feel it’s important to mention that after working with New Grime Order on projects in the past it was made even more apparent how many talented MCs are flying under most people’s radars. We will therefore be even more so using our platform to spotlight a few of these artists with the aim of helping our audience stay ahead of the trend and benefiting the scene overall. We will also filter the videos of other grime channels and post only the best saving you the time of wading through the average videos in order to find that one banger that may even be from an artist you’ve never heard of.

Ultimately being a music site we will also be bringing you exclusive tracks via Soundcloud something we’ve slacked on in the past. By allowing the best of the up and comers to post submit exclusive tracks which we can then promote across our socials, we will both be able to bring you some impressive new sounds and boost the profiles of those most deserving.

It’s not just MCs and producers we want to put on, we want to give anyone in the scene a voice. Got an idea for a blog post or regular column? We’ll work with you to evolve the idea and get it up on the site. We’re always looking for things which our audience will engage with and unsurprisingly the best way of finding those things is taking suggestions from you; the audience. So whether you want to come on board as a resident blogger or simply have the urge to write something and nowhere to post we want to hear from you.

With our large following on twitter and our recent progressing branch out into Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat there is no denying our social platform is big, but with this post we have made clear our company is so much more than that! From our free entry ACTIVE events (which are going to relaunch even bigger and better), to our involvement with the #Grime4Corbyn event to the DJ mixes we’ve released we are a versatile and ambitious platform with a lot to offer.

Our team is excited to move forward, implement both the things discussed above and deliver you the content you want to see!

Thanks for your continued support

Nathan (@ItsNayf)

UKGrime Editor