Grime’s top Motivators you should be following on Twitter

Twitter is full of beef, dissing and of course, trolling. But if you look in the right places, there’s a whole load of motivation and love.

The Grime scene and in fact, the UK scene right now is moving on different levels. With artists such as Stormzy, Giggs, Skepta and many others tearing up the charts, the movement is real. These dons are a true inspiration for up and coming UK artists.

It’s not just the lads either; the girls are also killing it. I’m talking Madam X, Sian Anderson, Jamz Supernova, Julie Adenuga and tons more. It’s exciting.

So for those artists that are crafting their art, pushing themselves and would like some helpful words, here’s a short list of who you should be following on twitter, for those all important tips and daily motivations.



First up it’s Man Like T. Tempz’ twitter feed is full to the brim with inspiration. From daily thoughts, to quotes on his outlook on life. Oh and if you haven’t seen him live, then well, you should. It really is the hypest hype.


I spoke to T and asked him ”If you could give the artists of today one piece of advice, what would it be?”

He told me ”Stay focused, train hard to exert lifely pressures and stress. Manage your time, and keep moving forward, never back. Pray and seek the most high in anything you do. Remembering we are not perfect but must strive for better days.”




The Godfather of Grime has just released his autobiography Eskiboy and is a pioneer of the scene.

The East Londoner, now 38, is still smashing festivals and headline shows.




Okay so not really Grime, but Chimpo has just brought out a grime remix of her track ‘Shade’, so it counts, right?

IAMDDB has pushed her way into the forefront of the UK music scene with some incredible music and jaw dropping visuals.

I remember bringing her to a show I was playing in Manchester, along with fellow Mancunian Inka to perform their track ‘Leaned Out’. Which by the way, has now smashed through the 2 million mark on YouTube. Rolling up with Inka, Sleazy F and the rest of the crew, they made sure that they knew who IAMDDB was.

Following her on Twitter, you’ll see her following increasing ten fold. DDB has a lot to say on how you should take each day and we could all take a leaf out of her nowhere near complete book.

Working with artists such as Lenzman, Chimpo, Sleazy F, cameraman don Jay Bannister and a whole heap of others, if you don’t know already, you’re sleeping.

Its definitely mermaid season.




Now if you follow Spooky’s social media, you’ll already know that he has a work rate of 110. From his Grime refixes, to originals, to shows, to radio shows… the man puts in the work.

If you’ve never locked in to one of his Night Shift shows on Mode FM, then I suggest you do.





Is there anything Maya doesn’t do?

From adverts, to radio, to television, to presenting, Maya Jama is a force to be reckoned with.


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