Grime is now an official category on Spotify

Austin Darbo, a senior editor at music streaming service, Spotify took to Twitter to announce the news that Grime is no longer under the ‘Hip-Hop’ category on Spotify but now has it’s own official genre.

Many people involved in the industry have showed concern over the previous months that Grime wasn’t getting the recognition of the unique genre that it is. Austin Darbo said that when speaking to those involved in Grime about the imagery of the genre, they said they felt that the “council block/pirate radio origins was a good way to represent it.”

To date, the genre includes four playlists on Spotify including one dedicated to nothing but grime instrumentals as well as another dedicated to the classics such as Roll Deep’s ‘Badman’ and Jammer’s ‘Murkle Man’.

Posted By : Nicola Coaker

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