LISTEN: Grim Sickers bodies new FREE track ‘Chris Eubank Snr’

Grim Sickers has been releasing a string of rap tracks on his Soundcloud since the release of Kane but finally we have a new grime track from the Intercontinental Champion. With a flow different to the one displayed in hit tracks such as ‘Bread’ and ‘Kane’ the new track available for free download via Soundcloud features a few bars we’ve been hearing get reloads on radio sets. Hopefully this marks the return of Grim to grime for a while with many hoping for a full EP in the near future.

The track features some dark production from Shizz McNaughty who is another name proving he doesn’t just bar he’s a bad boy producer as well. With many MCs both barring and producing it brings grime back to where it was at the start, people making their own beats, spitting over them and pushing out the result. It’s a talent many people forget but has to be commended, for me the fact Skepta produced the majority of ‘Konnichiwa’ made him even more worthy of the awards he won.

Moving away from music, Grim Sickers is the GOAT on Snapchat. Whether it be his regular “Cooking with Sickers” lunchtime show or past series such as “Removing this FUCKING ink stain from the carpet” his Snapchat stories are always captivating and shows exactly why he’s a “Hall of Famer”. And who knows, sometimes he even offers to carry crates of Lucazade to your car from the Swindon ASDA or gives away great prizes such as a water bottle. Give him a follow a GrimSickers1.

If you havent already checked out one of the best tracks of recent years you can listen to the original version of ‘Kane’ here then go off and listen to the numerous remix verses from people like Jme, Ghetts, P Money, JayKae and More!


Posted By : Nayf

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