Exclusive: Bugzy Malone NOT arrested NOT facing jail

Today, the Internet has been abuzz with rumours that Grime musician Bugzy Malone, real name Aaron Davis, has been arrested. The rumours were started by an article that went live on May 1st on the website publishedlive.com

UK Grime can exclusively confirm to you that this story is NOT true. Anonymous industry sources have suspected that it is little more than a brilliant social marketing ploy to build hype for Bugzy’s latest mixtape release. There have also been unconfirmed sightings of Bugzy in the Broughton area of Manchester.

Sources aside, a basic look at the original article brings its credibility into question. Firstly, there are no names linked to on the article and no acredited author. Another point is that police in the UK don’t randomly post mugshots online- especially for some one they have already identified. In fact, no details about an offender are published unless they are charged with a crime.

Another big giveaway is the writing style of the article, riddled with simple typographical and grammatical errors the post is by no means consistent with a reputable news outlet.  In addition to this, the oldest article on the site is a week old showing it is a site in its infancy and therefore definitley would not get the drop on a story like this before major news sites.

A “Whois” search of the publishedlive.com domain confirms that it was registered just under two weeks ago on May 24th and at every turn the registrant has been careful to obscure their details to make it hard to determine the websites owners. Even the Twitter account has no date of creation and no previous interaction with other users.

We have to give props to whoever is running Bugzy’s social media marketing because it has definitely worked! Also the work put into creating a logo, fake website and fake posts has to be commended; it may be a “black hat” marketting technique but it did get Bugzy trending in the UK! Although we could be wrong, we would say the chances of that of that being the case are the same as those for Leicester winning the Premier League at the start of the season! We openly invite Published Live to come forward and tell us we’re wrong, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

His latest EP is available for pre order on May 11th on Itunes. Here’s some more promo Bugzy!


UPDATE: Further proof the website which made the claims is fake and purely set up as a marketing stunt is that all of their articles are stolen from other places. A simple internet shows that this post is clearly just a repost of this. The same goes for this and this…and this and this…and this and this. You get the picture. This proves it is not a legitimate news site and has instead been fabricated to look like one. How do we know the centre of it was the Bugzy story? It’s the only story that has had views, seems to be the only story which isn’t stolen and they seemed to have upped their upload rate since its release almost as if they are trying to give a faux sense of credibility. Funny that.

Need further proof? The twitter account of the site is, again, clearly fake. A simple analysis of their followers shows they were nearly all fake bot accounts and the real ones most likely followed after the fake Bugzy story dropped.


Posted By : UKGrime Team

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