Drillminister performs on BBC’s ‘This Week’

Channel 4 have commissioned a rapper operating under the name Drillminister to incorporate violent language used by current and former MPs into a drill track to highlight the hypocrisy shown against the genre’s artists.

In this he has cleverly scripted a viral freestyle and video using quotes from both past and present politicians – demonstrating that they (politicians) use violence, threats and bullying as much as Drill rappers and young talents but with the aim to ban and blame Drill for the actions of the nation’s youth.

As the UK Government bans and removes Drill music videos online, the Drillminister has taken some recent statements made by MPs to make his first single ‘Political Drillin’. Taken from his forthcoming EP ‘House Of Skengs’ which will be released by popular independent label Defenders Ent, ‘Political Drillin’ is exactly what it says on the tin.

MPs speaking ‘Crud’, bullying and gang violence or is it just metaphors…..?

See the performance here.

Posted By : UKGrime

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