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LIVE FROM THE 5 @ Basement Studios

Underneath an unassuming printing shop, on a normal Nottingham road lies one of our greatest musical gems - Basment Studios. Walking down the LED lit staircase there's a sense of transcending as a host of signatures foretell the greatness within. Last week I had the pleasure of going to Basement Studios where I spoke to one of its

Track Review Tash – “Money Talk”

"Money Talk" is the new track and debut video, from Up-and-coming MC Tash. It's a heavy yet melodic track with an absolutely sick beat and Tash's silky, hypnotic vocals! Lets start with the beat, the track is driven by a smooth, tinkling piano melody that gives the song a touch of elegance which is contrasted

Benny Banks x Joe Black FT. S Loud Review Disclaimer: all views presented are the views of the article writer and not the website on a whole. Some things just take far too long.  Winter, shopping with a woman and the auto-tuned hook to this Christmas day release "Way Too Long" produced with S Loud who mustered all of the mental strength to

Top 20 w/ Under 10k Followers [Part IV]

Twitter seems to be the go to social platform for artists to rack up a following and push their music. Although Twitter following isn't everything, in this case it's being used to highlight both MCs and rappers that are destined for great things and/or deserve more recognition. Whether they're spitting on rap or grime, you better get

Top 10 Panda Remixes you probably haven’t heard!

The 'Panda' instrumental  is quickly becoming one of the scene's favourite instrumentals to chop up and jump on; countless people have been lighting the bassy instrumental up and giving it a new lease of life. The track, by Desiigner, was also featured on Kanye Wests's seventh studio album and was originally produced by Menance. Unfortunately Menance

Grime Outside of London: Nottingham

With grime originating and being led by London based talent, the rest of the country is left neglected by some fans. A lot of this is simply because these MCs don’t have as much exposure as those in London. With this series I hope to bring some new music, MCs and producers onto your radar