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CapoLee & Sir Spyro – “Stop Talk EP” Track-by-Track review

Following on from the release and video for single “Stop Talk” MC CapoLee and producer Sir Spyro have finally dropped the full “Stop Talk EP”. With CapoLee known for underground grime hits like “Mud” and “Liff” and Spyro being the current go-to-producer for heavy bangers (Stormzys’ “Big For Your Boots” and P Moneys’ “10/10” both

Album Review: Devlin – “The Devil In”

I’ve been very excited to hear new music from Devlin, following his epic verse on Wiley’s “Bring Them All / Holy Grime”, where the godfather himself refers to him as “a grime treasure”. He’s now returned with his new album “The Devil In”, his first studio album released since 2013. It’s a deep and personal

Benny Banks x Joe Black FT. S Loud Review Disclaimer: all views presented are the views of the article writer and not the website on a whole. Some things just take far too long.  Winter, shopping with a woman and the auto-tuned hook to this Christmas day release "Way Too Long" produced with S Loud who mustered all of the mental strength to

1xtra Live – Grime and UK Rap Take Over

Previous 1Xtra Live concerts line ups tended to be dominated by international urban acts, but recently this has been reversed with Uk artists gradually taking more and more of the spotlight. This year’s 1Xtra Live event was the year U.K Grime and Rap Music took over. With two of the main acts dropping out close

Skepta – Konnichiwa Review

Its been a long path. Skepta has been steadily grinding, starting from the dingy north London pirate radio studios rising to become the underground superhero of UK Grimes renaissance. From his beginnings, Skepta has been about making music for the fans and aside from a few of his “mistakes” which were made in that weird

Stormzy’s Merky Time In New York

It's fair to say that life is currently treating Stormzy well. The Croydon MC seemingly has the Midas touch with every track he touches turning into gold. Grime as a genre and as a culture is riding a wave of positivity, gaining respect wherever it goes and with Stormzy proudly and loudly repping as just

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