REVIEW: Strawberries and Creem Festival 2017

Strawberries and Creem festival is relatively new to the festival scene but that by does not mean it should be underestimated. On one of the hottest days of the year so far, Strawberries and Creem festival had a random field in Cambridge popping for an event which is most definitely going to be one of

WATCH: Capo Lee & P Money are running to the ‘Mula’

As predicted, Capo Lee has niced us with another big track. Read our brief write-up up posted after the teaser for this track here: . Follow Capo on Twitter @CapoLee100 and P Money @KingPMoney

READ: Skepta set to launch his own Clothing Brand

You may have seen Jme and Skepta sharing Instagram images of models with a link to When you visit the site it features these images and has a release timer at the bottom which is set to end on the 26th June. It doesn't take a genius to work out it is most likely

WATCH: Big Zuu releases “Grenfell Tower Tribute”

After the tragedy at Grenfell Tower whole communities have been rallying around those affected. GRMDaily teamed up with Kaylum Dennis to offer music video shoots for £250 will all money going towards aiding those affected. Big Zuu was one of the people to release a touching music video in the form of “Grenfell Tower Tribute”.

LISTEN: Dizzee Rascal drops new Grime track + Tour Dates

After speculation and teasers it looks like Dizzee Rascal is going to be dropping a grimey new album. Dizzee debuted the first single from the upcoming his “loud, rap-based album” Raskit in the form of a track called “Space”. It’s sees Dizzee moving away from the more pop based feel of his last couple of

READ: Sequences festival returns to Bristol

Sequences festival is back again this year to shutdown Bristol’s motion venue. With three stage areas hosted by Bandulu, Critical sound and The Blast we’re in for a very high BPM lineup. The festival takes place on the 29th of August across a mixture of inside and outside venues in Motion Bristol’s complex on Avon

READ: Be in Young T & Bugsey’s NEW Music Video

Young T and Bugsey have consistently released banger after banger and are heading towards being one of the UK’s biggest urban music acts. That makes the opportunity to be in their music video even bigger! The duo posted to social media that the filming of their music video for new track 4x4 will be this

READ: Tempa T reignites classic collab with ‘Nothing Like That’

Who can forget the classic release of "CD is Dead" by Jme and Tempa T. Once a big name in the scene Tempz disappeared for a while but with a string of releases recently its safe to say hes back and this new collaboration with Jme, 'Nothing Like That' could be set to return him

READ: TWO Charity Grime Events you should support TONIGHT

Grime as a genre has clear, concurrent messaging and all round a scene that comes together in time of need. This was shown recently by the #Grime4Corbyn event and campaign, past charity shows and the fundraising and support many people within the scene give to the wider community. With this is in mind is is

REVIEW: Love Saves the Day Festival 2017

Although only June, Love Saves the Day Festival was the kick start to the summer we could have hoped for. With the lineup sporting a vast array of artists belonging a plethora of genres it was the Sunday of the festival that stood out to us. With names like P Money, AJ Tracey and YGG