WATCH: Capo Lee teases “Mula” alongside one of Grime’s biggest names

Capo Lee has released a short teaser clip of his new track featuring the Originator P Money titled Mula. Fresh from his collaboration, “Gyal from Brum”, with one of Birmingham’s finest, SafOne, this new tune is set to be big and show he;s a big name amongst the new generation of MCs. Following the trend of movie like music videos there is no doubt the quality of the video will match that of the track which is likely to be dropped within the week.

…Spyro himself commending Capo as one of the best people to record with!

Capo Lee has had a string of mad releases and worked with big names before, whether it be D Double E or his most recent project which was a collaboration with the biggest producer in the game at the moment Sir Spyro. His work-rate and talent is definitely propelling his career forward with Spyro himself commending Capo as one of the best people to record with because of this in a recent interview with UKGrime.

Sitting at around 6,000 followers on Twitter Capo is by no means the biggest young MC in the game but when it comes to his released music and formiddable presence on past radio sets I can definitely hail him as one of the best. Check out his most recent project via Spotify below and follow him on Twitter @CapoLee100 to find out when ‘Mula’ drops!


Posted By : Nayf

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