Bugzy Malone sending for Stormzy after “Big For Your Boots”?

Last week Stormzy released his new single “Big For Your Boots” ahead of his new album “Gang Signs and Prayer”. The title of the track alone suggests that Stormzy is sending for someone here leaving fans to speculate as to who. It has been suggested that some of the bars on the aggressive new track could be aimed at Manchester’s own Bugzy Malone.

Bars like “Devil on my shoulder, I don’t lack” and “Don’t care who you know from my block/You’re not Al Capone, you’ll get boxed”  (amongst others) have been touted as indirect shots at Bugzy Malone, making reference to Bugzy’s recent single “Mad” which features the chorus “Turn into the devil when I get mad” and other lyrics where he compares himself to Al Capone. Now whilst it’s not clear whether or not Stormzy is sending for Bugzy Malone or not, it has been speculated that, following his Twitter activity since the release of “Big For Your Boots” Bugzy definitely believes so and may actually send for Stormzy in his next track, this is all explained in the video below from YouTube channel King MG.

Bugzy has already sent shots at the Brotherhood cast, which includes Stormzy, on his track “Mad” so there’s definitely history between the two MC’s here and the thought of them going head to head is a very exciting prospect for the grime scene and would certainly divide opinion amongst fans!

What do you think? did Stormzy send for Bugzy, or is this just coincidence and speculation? Does Bugzy think that Stormzy has sent for him, will he send back? Who would come out on top if the two MC’s did have beef?

Posted By : Jay Makenji

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