Dizzee Rascal drops epic Bop N Keep It Dippin visuals

Take a trip to the Dizzeema

Dizzee Rascal is back with an international gangster chase in the new video for Bop N Keep It Dippin. No matter what you think about Dizzee after his Wiley beef this video is undeniably good. Bop N Keep It Dippin looks like it’s been taken straight of the silver screen. Captivating from start to finish it left us wanting more, I’d definitely be in line for a Bop N Keep It Dippin movie!

Watch the video above and head to http://raskit.co.uk/  for the full Raskit album and tour dates,


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AJ Tracey kicks off his Secure the Bag tour in Leicester

Secure the Bag tour: Night 1

As I’m sure you’ve all heard AJ Tracey released the epic EP Secure the Bag earlier this month and has now embarked on a tour. Well on his way to securing that bag, AJ gave a stellar performance at the Leicester O2 Academy as he started his European tour. The sold out show was opened by Big Zuu who worked the crowd effortlessly before AJ and Ets took to the stage.

As well as delighting the crowd with his newest hits from Secure the Bag AJ also created countless mosh pits as he played hit after hit from his prior projects The Front and Lil Tracey EPs (I almost shed a tear when Wifey Riddim came on). To ice the cake AJ Tracey has also made some wavey merchandise for the tour (and of course I had to get my hands on the pink T).


All in all it was great night and a good start to what should be an amazing tour. If you’ve got tickets to any following shows then first of all count yourself lucky cause most the UK dates are sold out, secondly go cop a Secure the Bag shirt and then prepare yourself for a mad evening you’re in for a treat!

To get the Secure the Bag EP and check out the available tour dates click here!

And now for my amateur footage, despite my poor camera skills AJ’s talent still prevails. Big up AJ Tracey and MTP!





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Chris and Kem Respond to Lethal Bizzle

It’s all getting a little bit leave it

Love Island contestants Chris and Kem entertained the nation with their comical freestyles and performances whilst on the show. Gaining the attention of many grime stars including Stormzy, who gave the lads a video call to the villa. Since leaving, their success has turned into a record deal and debut single ‘Little Bit Leave it’ which is currently number 1 on iTunes.

However, all is not well. Lethal Bizzle (who coined the term “little bit leave it”) has hit back at the duo. In an online video Bizzle claims he deserves a percentage of the profits and credit for the single.

Chris and Kem went on to 1Xtra to discuss their single and the Bizzle dispute with A.Dot. Check it out above!

Blogger: @rosievaccib (Twitter & Instagram)

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Grime’s Best Responses to the Dizzee Vs. Wiley Beef

It’s been an intense week for grime

The timeline is alive with the sound of beef. Dizzee Rascal and Wiley have been sending shots at each other as their on going dipute takes to twitter. We have all the receipts for you to catch up on here http://www.ukgrime.com/dizzee-vs-wiley/.

However, a side from the entertainment of watching the OG’s spill their tea all over twitter there has been the added amusement of fellow grime star’s reactions. Here are our favourite responses to the Dizzee Vs. Wiley Beef:

  1. Snow’spiracy

2. Big Zuu speaking for the 90’s babies

3. Tinchy discrediting Dizzee’s “story telling”

4. Manga and Kamakaze wishing they’d chosen a different announcement date

5. Snowy ‘s commentary

Blogger: @rosievaccib (Twitter & Instagram)

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Kamakaze Announces Release Date for Wavey Shirt Wednesday

Year of the Kamdog

Kamakaze started the year with a bang dropping the EP ‘Royal Blud’ produced by Massappeals. This harboured a number of gems such as ‘Pull Ups’ that went on to get remixed with features from a few of the best in new gen grime. Kamakaze has continued his success across the summer months doing multiple performances. Proving he’s of “Royal Blud” (see what we did there) Kamakaze has announced the release date for his second EP this year!

Wavey Shirt Wednesday is out November 1st and best believe it’ll be (pardon the pun) wavey. Big things are set for this Leicester lad, keep it locked to UK Grime for the latest.

Blogger: @rosievaccib (Twitter & Instagram)

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Big Zuu set for Logan Sama

Big Zuu makes his Radio 1 debut on the Residency with Logan Sama

Zuu has been non-stop this year; from dropping his EP ‘Big Zuu’ to selling out a headline show @ Birthdays. Going from strength to strength, he’s making his mark in grime. And now he has shelled his way through his first set at Radio 1. Big Zuu is definitely one to watch in the coming year.

Blogger: rosievaccib (Twitter & Instagram)

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Stormzy Gets ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’

Stiff Chocolate gets sweet

Stormzy gives us a hit of nostalgia as he takes on the garage anthem ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’. Appearing in the Radio 1 live lounge earlier this week Stormzy showed us his versatility as he performed with a live band. In a soulful rendition of the hit he demonstrates his undeniable talent. Check it out above.

Blogger: @rosievaccib (Twitter & Instagram)

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‘Eskiboy’ The Official Autobigoraphy of Wiley

The Godfather of Grime tells all

Wiley has officially dropped the trailer for his upcoming book ‘Eskiboy‘. From grinders to gunfingers this trailer truly captures the Eskiboy essence promising a gripping read. Your eyes will be kept locked to the screen from the beginning, I swear.

Eskiboy is the official autobiography of Wiley, from childhood to stardom. A new holy book for grime fans, featuring unseen pictures, lyrics and two decades of success.

Now available for pre-order here

Blogger: @rosievaccib (Twitter & Instagram)

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WATCH: Sir Spyro The Grime Show – Grime Originals

Grime DJ and producer extraordinaire Sir Spyro welcomed the Grime Originals onto the Grime Show this week. Sharky Major, Fumin, Ozzie B, Saskilla, Flowdan, Dizzle Kid & Royal teamed up to grace the studio with some original shellings. Check out the video above.

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WATCH: Bugzy Malone – We Don’t Play

Don’t you know he don’t play…

We Don’t Play is Bugzy Malone’s latest hit to come off his album King Of The North. As the title entails Malone is showing he doesn’t play. Directed by himself and Connor Hamilton, We Don’t Play is cold and definitely one to stunt to. Get out your Dom Pérignon, stacks of cash and Rolexs with your man dem for this one. Check it out above.

Blogger: @rosievaccib (Twitter & Instagram)

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