Grime Sessions with Cally, Bliss, Rolla, Agz, JoSoSick and Logan

Grime Sessions was off air for a couple of weeks but now it has returned and it’s as good as ever.

Rebecca Judd and DJ Olos have brought a strong line-up to the airways this week with Cally, Bliss, Rolla, Agz, JoSoSick and Logan. Catch Grime Sessions every Tuesday on Westside Radio (89.6FM) from 10pm till midnight.

Watch them shell it down in the visuals above.

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Jamal Edwards: Mental Health in the Music Industry

With an increased focus of mental health worldwide, Jamal Edwards, founder of media platform SBTV, took it upon himself to investigate mental health within the music industry.

Jamal spoke to people in the industry such as Dave and Sasha Keable to discuss the pressures of being in the music scene and how this can have negative effects of their mental health resulting in depression and anxiety.

Watch the documentary above.

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Should we mix clothing brands? Big Narstie settles the debate

Big Narstie and BBC Three have came together for another episode of Lets Settle This.

This episode see’s Big Narstie discussing the popular debate; Is it ever ok to mix brands? Although a lot of people are against mixing brand, a few people do often go against this, mixing Adidas creps with a Nike tracksuit. (It’s a no from us)

Watch the video above.

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1Xtra Live – A night of celebrating the best in urban music

With BBC Radio 1Xtra celebrating their fifteen year anniversary, it was only right that they celebrated this special occasion with the best of the best.

The line-up included Bugzy Malone, J Hus and Ghetts as well as many more amazing acts. The show was hosted at Manchester’s Arena, which of course has had an emotional year with the incident at Ariana Grande’s concert. But, this could never have stopped the sold-out audience of eighteen-thousand people truly enjoying themselves as residents from Manchester as well as people from around the UK came together to support.

The first act to take to the stage was Bryson Tiller who performed a range of songs from Run Me Dry (taken from his new album) to Exchange which came from his debut album. With a slower, more chilled song range than a lot of the other acts that were performing, Bryson was a good warm-up act for what was to come.

Next, a man who had a very, very successful year, Mr Addison Lee aka Not3s who just rolled in… excuse the pun. From Addison Lee which was released exactly one year ago to performing in front of eighteen-thousand people singing his songs work for word, Not3s is doing a madness.

Stefflon Don was next to show everyone how to do it. With an excess of dancers sharing the stage along side her, Steff performed her hit song Hurtin Me, as well as tracks alike 16 shots. To follow this up, the master of funky house, Donae’o took centre stage. He performed his old school songs such as African Warrior as well as bangers from his recent mixtape Sixteen, including Let Me and My Circle.

Then, the man of the moment Big Shaq came as a surprise to us all. Introduced to the stage by the initiator of Man’s Not Hot, Charlie Sloth, he had the whole arena gassed!!! Any line-up could feature the most amazing artists, but as soon as Big Shaq touches the stage, the crowd is about to turn up.

Ghetts was next to perform one of the first performances of Slumdog Millionaire which comes from his upcoming album, Ghetto Gospel as well Know My Ting, to which surprise guest Shakka came to perform alongside him.

It was then time to welcome the King of the North to the stage. He got nothing less than he deserved in his home town of Manchester, 0161. Manny on the map. Bugzy brought the whole arena to life as he referenced the arena terror attack and then went on to perform some of his most popular songs inclding Aggy Wid It and Through The Night.

Next, it was time for another surprise guest, this time it was French Montana to take the stage, performing hits such as Unforgettable and Ain’t Worried Bout Nothin. Although, it was slightly disappointing that he didn’t join Stefflon Don on stage earlier in the show to perform Hurtin’ Me.

The finally two acts were probably the most anticipated and highly appreciated throughout the crowd. First, Mr Ugly aka J Hus takes the stage and at no point were the audience not rapping along. From Lean n Bop to Did You See and Fisherman; J Hus managed to keep all eighteen-thousand people thoroughly entertained.

Finally, Travis Scott who definitely gave everyone goosebumps. Although it’s highly arguable that on stage he seems to shout, scream and use auto tune more than a lot of other artists; he still manages to keep the audience vibing with his impressive back catalogue of bangers including Goosebumps, Antidote and Pick Up The Phone.

All in all, 1Xtra live definitely fulfilled everyones musical needs from pop to rap and hip-hop. The acts lived up to their live performances expectations while the Radio 1Xtra DJ’s did their best job at presenting.

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Form 696 is scrapped

It’s a good day for the whole grime scene as Sadiq Khan and the Met police have announced that the form is no longer needed in the night-time economy.

The risk assessment form has been in place since 2005 and has caused much inconvenience for the UK rap and grime scene. The police have regularly shutdown events two days before they were meant to happen as well as on the day.

The form originally came about due to the rise of fatalities and firearms use throughout London’s night-time economy. But, the main issue of the risk assessment form being that the police regularly target grime events, as they saw them as a high risk for the use of fire arms.

It has been criticised throughout the whole twelve years of it being in place for having high discrimination and racism when it came to live music events.

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The end of Logan Sama on Radio 1Xtra

The BBC have made a public decision that Logan Sama is not suitable to join their network as a representative due to ignorant and offensive comments made on Twitter.

The DJ had just announced his new Friday night show and didn’t seem to take well to it as he Tweeted “I’m not content with Friday. Monday is my night as well… I’m taking that back too.”

Logan claims that his tweets were made as jokes amongst his friends but agrees that they are indefensible regardless of their context.

It has not yet been confirmed as to who will take over his Friday night slot.

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DJ Target announces future book focused on the rise of grime

Just after the release of a very influential written by the godfather of grime Wiley, DJ Target took to twitter to announce that he is set to release a book following the rise of grime.

DJ Target has experienced the full journey of grime music, from the unknown grime battles to the charting history, he has been apart of some of the most infuential moment as a BBC 1Xtra DJ and presenter. The book will be titled Grime Kids and expected to be released in June of next year.

The book is already available to pre-order here. 

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