A Look back at AJ Tracey’s Bristol Tour Stop

When it comes to AJ Tracey the word artist is much more applicable than MC. Spanning several genres his music library is adored by everyone from grime fans to hip hop heads to girls around the globe judging by the amount of girls who tried to make a mad dash for the backstage befor being caught by security.

AJ Tracey’s Motion date on his sold out Secure the Bag tour did not disappoint! With Big Zuu supporting, the crowd was gassed from start to finish. With a closing support set featuring PK, Zuu, Ets and Wax; I left with no doubt in my mind that MTM has some of the top shellers in the game. Zuu’s debut EP is considered one of the best releases of this year by us at UKGrime so to see him perform a selection of tracks from the project live only got us more excited for his second headline show pegged for January next year.







AJ’s main set drew some of the biggest mosh-pits I’ve seen in Bristol, performing a selection of tracks from his “Secure the Bag”, “Lil Tracey” and “Alex Moran” EPs it was an engaging performance for both newer and more original fans. Joined on stage by Dee and DJ General Courts the trio kept the crowd active throughout the show, with AJ taking breaks for Courts to spin some Skepta and then US chart toppers such as Lil Uzi Vert’s “XO Tour Lif3”. Now on his second full scale UK Tour, AJ Tracey comfortably commanded the stage and audience showing his growing experience in live performances.

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Psyched 4th Birthday brings BIG lineup to Bristol

From Jungle to Baseline to Grime to DnB this is a lineup which has it all. Psyched has been running regular club nights across Bristol for 4 years now and how better to celebrate then a 6 room, 2 venue f*** off massive rave. For us, the spotlight falls on the Hi5Ghost b2b Boofy w/ Mez & PK set. Hi5 Ghost and Boofy are two of Bristol’s best musical exports and Mez & PK are leading the new generation grime wave |(talent wise at least) so combining the 4 can only result in reload after reload. With Flowdan bringing you some original grime sounds as well the grime scene is well represented.

If you’re in Bristol on Friday 13th of October and don’t have a ticket you’re a mook.

More information and tickets here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1906823456305354/

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South London Space Agency is ready for Launch

Grandmixxer has been a well respected DJ and producer in the scene for time and his impact is only going to get bigger with the launch of his new record label South London Space Agency (SLSA). With more information on the record label to come all eyes are on the takeoff event open November 11th and with a lineup like this onboard it’s clear to see why!

With two of the most talented young MCs in the game, Capo Lee & Mez, jumping on Grandmixxer’s headline set, this space agency is definitely ready to blast off. With supporting ‘crew’ in the form of, some of MTM’s best, General Courts b2b DJ Travis T w/ Big Zuu & YGG you know this event is going to get shelly.

Oil Gang and Sicaria Sounds round out the lineup and SLSA is definitely ready to turn Hackney Wick’s Micks Garage into a proper grime rave.

Grab your tickets and don’t regret not attending as this is going to be one of those events that covers your timelines for weeks: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1017527

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Is Supreme Ky actually one of the Best MC’s? [Audio + Blog]

Aside from shelling down sets with New Grime Order, Supreme Ky has been (although inconsistently) dropping nothing but fire on his Soundcloud. Best MCs (Which you can check out at the bottom of this post)follows this pattern as Ky patterns a beat from Dj London with flows and bars with some big claims- which brings up an interesting point.

What makes an MC top tier; what makes him one  of the best? You look at other areas of life, take sport for example, the best is the person who is technically the most talented. It’s not the person who gets paid the most or the media pays the most attention to, its the person who actually outperforms everyone else in what they do. However, when you try and transcend that idea to the grime scene it just isn’t reminiscent of how the masses decide who’s the best. At the moment too many people only rate others based on sales, cosigns and twitter followers. This both stunts the growth of nang upcoming MCs and has in turn created a partition in the grime scene which is independent of talent and more based on who the mainstream fans currently care about.

Grime Originals shoving a bunch of mad MCs, removed from the mainstream limelight, on stage to make a proper grime rave proved this; it was everything a grime event should be but also everything current grime events aren’t. From the lack of PAs to the atmosphere of the crowd it was incomparable to Eskimo Dance for example. It removed the focus from individual stars and pushed it onto the genre and scene reminding a lot of fans and artists alike what grime culture is (For example I haven’t seen Wiley this motivated to do grime and be involved in the scene in a long looooong time).

So is @_SupremeKy with his 1,120 Twitter claiming to be the ‘Best MC’ really that outlandish of a claim? No. His technical abilities on the mic and music in general support him. Let’s start judging MCs solely on the music they’re putting out, performance on sets and the workrate they put in then support them accordingly. Ky has an EP releasing soon and his Soundcloud can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/simplesupremeky

An MC doesn’t have to have blown to be the best.

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REVIEW: Strawberries and Creem Festival 2017

Strawberries and Creem festival is relatively new to the festival scene but that by does not mean it should be underestimated. On one of the hottest days of the year so far, Strawberries and Creem festival had a random field in Cambridge popping for an event which is most definitely going to be one of our summer highlights this year.

With a main stage and two smaller secondary stages it is by no means the biggest festival but its smaller more intimate feel was a breath of fresh air from the sometimes overwhelming larger behemoth festivals. For us, the acts of interest only appeared on the Main stage and the second biggest stage named “The Forge”. The third stage was completely open and easily overlooked, for me it didn’t add to the festival at all and often seemed empty however this could be greatly attributed to the MASSIVE line-ups of the other two stages.

“The Forge” tent was popping from early with people skanking and moshing to the earlier DJ sets and this continues throughout the day regardless of the sweltering heat. By the time the bigger acts like Donae’O took to the stage, the tent was packed out and the atmosphere was electric. A see of sunburnt people still managing to enjoy themselves. Performing a mixture of his older UK Funky tracks, his newer grime tracks and everything in between Donae’O shutdown his performance and set up nicely for the stage’s headliners; Logan Sama b2b Sir Spyro w/ YGG, P Money + Friends.

With Logan and Spyro on decks you know you’re in for a mad set but when you thrown man like YGG, P Money and special guests like Capo Lee, Saskilla, Blacks and Little Dee into the mix it reaches historic settings. For me this set was the highlight of the whole festival a perfect combination of the new generation and originals. It’s hard to summarise the energy in words but stay on the lookout for a set video from BurnoutLDN.

The Main Stage featured to many top names to mention but for us J Hus came through with the highlight set. Performing tracks both new and old from his catalogue the young genre bedding artist showed why he’s being hailed as one of the greatest artists of his generation. AJ Tracey continued his string of festivals as well bringing Big Zuu, Dee7 and General Courts through to deliver his usual crowd favourite performance.

The two overall headliners Wiley and Shaggy both put in big performances. With Shaggy having the crowd singing along and Wiley dipping into both his collection of mainstream tunes and more grimey stuff. Overall, Wiley’s performance summarised the whole event, a grime festival with accompanying support from other genres and in that regard Strawberries and Creem festival is unique.

Don’t miss out on this one next year, hopefully with the success of this year we’ll get even bigger names and maybe even a second day- we can only dream!

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WATCH: Reece West SMASHES Sian Anderson radio set

To mark the release of his “Box Office EP” Reece West took to Sian Anderson’s 1xtra show as her ‘New Generation Shout’ and we can do nothing but agree. Reece West is renowned for shutting down sets often alongside the New Grime Order collaborative and he does nothing short in this solo radio set.

Stream the Box Office EP via Spotify here: http://www.ukgrime.com/new-reece-west-drops-fresh-ep-box-office-alongside-visuals-bank/

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