LISTEN: AJ Tracey FINALLY drops new track LA4AWEEK

After teasing the track on social media for over a month now AJ Tracey has finally released his LA4AWEEK. As the name suggests, AJ recorded the track during his trip to LA and, alongside Nyge, also produced ot. Featuring two US artists, Sloan Evans and Swoosh, this track is far removed from AJ’s catalogue of grime releases and instead fits more into rap.

This is one of the few “urban” crossover tracks between the US and the UK and is definitely up their as one of the best. It is a sign that Grime is infiltrating the US on every level not just the most successful artists like Skepta and Stormzy. With AJ and Dave recently finishing a handful of dates in the states, I fully expect the fan base UK artists have over there to grow even more this year with us also nearing the point in the UK that Grime is more popular than Hip-Hop and the charts reflecting that.

A shot taken by UKGrime photographer harry_hmm of AJ Tracey shutting down the Main Stage at Love Saves the Day Festival 2017

The Ladbrook Grove artists has shown his versatility with this release, effortlessly switching between the two genres over tracks. Personally, I prefer his flow on this new track as supposed to his grime releases, the uniqueness of it when you look at what other UK artists are doing is clear and I feel we could see AJ move further away from Grime with the man himself giving an inkling he prefers this style of music.

Aside from this release, It’s been a busy few moths for MTP’s main man. In between his regular festival appearances, he helped Labour with their campaign filming a video explaining his political allegiance of which many people are crediting for the Labour gain in his constituency of Kensington. Being one of the most successful Grime MCs it is no surprise his influence amongst young people in the area promoted people to engage in politics and turn out to vote.

With AJ performing another rap track “Quarterback” at shows and again posting clips on his social media lets hope we don’t have to wait as long for him to drop his next tune.


Posted By : Nayf

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